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My Mission

xoxo, bijou is a vibrant and trend-setting brand that offers a collection of oversized, intricate, and fun statement earrings and accessories. Our unique value proposition lies in empowering individuals to embrace their unique style with our bold and colorful designs. We stand out from our competitors by infusing our products with a sense of fun, brightness, and trendiness.

Our target audience encompasses individuals of any gender who have a passion for self-expression through fashion. The key attributes and qualities we want our brand to be associated with are being head-turning, stylish, and full of personality. We want our customers to feel confident and fashionable when they wear our accessories.

At the core of our brand, we believe in encouraging everyone to embrace their own fashion sense without fear. Our story began when the founder, dissatisfied with the lack of stylish options for clip-on earrings, started creating unique designs for themselves. Our mission is to ensure that all our earrings are available in both pierced and clip-on options, making fashion accessible to everyone.

The personality and tone of voice of our brand can be described as colorful, bold, fun, unique, and stylish. We want our customers to make a statement and turn heads with our eye-catching designs.

Visually, our brand is represented by colorful, bright, and fun elements, all while maintaining a sense of sophistication and avoiding a childish aesthetic. Our logo, color scheme, and typography reflect our brand's lively and energetic nature.

The essence of our brand can be encapsulated in the phrase "Add more color to your life." We believe in infusing vibrant hues into your wardrobe to express your personality and elevate your style.

Currently, we primarily market and promote our brand through Instagram, leveraging its visual appeal to showcase our products and engage with our audience. In the short term, our goals involve expanding our product line to include items like keychains, magnets, and pins, while in the long term, we aim to establish ourselves as a reputable and well-known brand in the fashion accessories industry.

As a small business, we measure the success of our brand by our ability to find our footing in the market and steadily grow our customer base. We strive to create a loyal following and deliver products that exceed expectations.

In conclusion, xoxo, bijou is a brand that offers bold and statement-making earrings and accessories, empowering individuals to embrace their unique style. With our vibrant designs, we aim to add more color to our customers' lives and make a stylish statement wherever they go.

Niesha Davis -Designer and Maker

Based in Atlanta, Georgia